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Submitted on
September 27, 2005


NOTE: Rules have changed and only a mockup is now required, and the contest dealine has been extended to October 31, 2005.

Hey there fellow Inkscapers!

Many of us have seen Inkscape evolve from back in the days of Sodi Podi into the powerful program that we currently know it as. Unfortunately the website has not quite followed along at the same pace. ;) Which brings us to the next official inkscapers contest, a makeover for the website!

The developers decided that we need to make the contest a little more open and give people more time. We're now only requiring mockups for the website, done in Inkscape, no actual "code".

:bulletgreen:The goal is to show off what inkscape can do when put to use in the area of Web Design.
:bulletgreen:Upload a mockup image of your submission to your gallery or scraps on DeviantART and post a link below.

:bulletred:Any images that you create for it need to be done 100% in Inkscape. We will require any original SVG files to use in case something needs to be tweaked down the road, and also to allow us to potentially serve up SVGs for the browsers that support it.
:bulletred:It must be a very clean and professional design, we would also prefer to not have the design be a fixed width (so please take scalability into account).
:bulletred:It must include the Inkscape logo and motto in the site header.
:bulletred:Any submissions using copyrighted materials (unless appropriately licensed for our use) or offensive/inappropriate content will automatically be disqualified.
:bulletred:Have fun!

September 25, 2005 - October 31, 2005

Having your design be our new look and feel for the website... and of course credit for your work.

Preliminary judging will be done by the Inkscape community on DeviantART, when we have an official "Top 3", the judging will then be turned over to the inkscape developers for final judging. Please note that when it is turned over to the developers for voting, once they have chosen the winner, they may have requests for modifications.

Relevant links:
:bulletblue:Inkscape Website – (where you can go to reference the current site)
:bulletblue:Inkscape downloads page –

Please upload an image of your submission to your gallery or scraps on DeviantART and post a link below.

Good luck to all who enter!
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daj Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2005
here's something I put together: [link]
afonit Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
just amazing. and fresh.
gri3fon Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2005   Interface Designer
i cant help it, i made a 2nd layout at [link]
well, the convert version i a lil bit different. and there's a css probs with the navigation tabs on ie but i dont care.
raeth Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2005
What is the motto, and where is the SVG for the logo?
Anarres Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2005
The motto is "Draw Freely.", mind the capitalization and the period. It is usually displayed in Pushkin's handwritting, though I believe it is not a strict requirement. The logo can be found in the "clipart" directory of your Inkscape installation (if you are using GNU/Linux, it mist likely is: /usr/share/inkscape/clipart ).

You can see the general outlines on Inkscape's branding here: [link]

Good luck.
raeth Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2005
Ta, I've been looking for that logo.
Anarres Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2005
íPut it to good use! :)

And thanks for the favourite.
raeth Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2005
I'll have a go.
sciboy Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2005
Good luck everyone. =D

Oh and if theres a lack of inspiration, maybe a quick visit to [link] may help? =)
gri3fon Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2005   Interface Designer
finally, i've convert the layout into at [link]
- dug out the drop menu at [link]
- still having prob with the spacer under the heading (effy ie) yet the hack is killing me :faint:
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